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Our Purpose:

To have camaraderie with respect, fun with our rides, and impact for charity.

Our Mission:

To share our enthusiasm for owning and driving both old and newer Mustangs, promote participation in the hobby by both young and old, and use our events and activities to do good by helping our communities and local charities.

In all our activities, we seek to foster an atmosphere that encourages living out our Values:

  • Passion – Inspiring the Next Generation of Mustang Community

  • Excellence – Providing Exceptional Experiences at a Value

  • Team – Working Together with Respect

  • Service – Having the Heart of a Volunteer

  • Stewardship – Using Our Resources to Their Best Impact

  • Experience – Wowing through our Community Impact 

Driving sean in a mustang convertable (1970) down the highway with two people enjoing the day with the top down
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