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Our Story

In the fall of 2023, 15 long-time Mustang enthusiasts met to create a car club with the foundational values of respectful camaraderie, overall fun with Mustangs, and a focus on making an impact for local charities, all with the goal to ensure that the club would never lose sight of those values.

The Lake Country Mustang Club Founders

Jane and Joe Duffy

Jan and David Gohl

Cindy Rost and Richard Herpers

David Kronk

Dawn and Mark McQuillan

Jessica and Dennis Mevissen

Lynn and Dan Nicewander

Jill and Pete Schmidt

Wanting to bring others into this process to establish the club, Charter Membership was offered to those individuals who wanted to commit to a multi-year membership and be active participants in the club and its activities.  Charter Membership was closed on 12/31/23.

The Lake Country Mustang Club Charter Members

Dave & Mary A

Judy A & Kim C

Liz & Chad B

Jay & Lois B

Daniel & Patricia B

Nick & Abby B

Daniel & Carol B

Ron & Cindi B

Chuck & Joan B

Vern & Denise C

Trevor C

Ben & Sarah E

Jerry & Lynne F

Mike & Beth F

Al & Bev G

Steve & Jody G

Ace & Diane G

Geri H

Tina & Mike H

Bob & Sharon H

Chris H

Jim H

Derf & Nancy H

Curt & Michelle H

Brent & Anne J

Steve & Julie K

Gary & Mary L

Shaun & Melissa M

Dan M

Jeff & Mara M

Scott & Patty M

Paige M

John & Robyn M

Stephen & Patricia M

Joe M

Brian & Amy M

Adam & Carole M

Bill M

Richard & Karen M

Steve & Cindy O

Roger & Libbey P

Dan P

Mark & Dawn P

Jim & Chris R

Ruth R

Max & Jacque S

Steven & Mary Ellen S

Tammy & Steve S

Mike & Tracy S

Mike & Susan S

Larry & Donna S

Dennis S

Aaron T

Bill & Sheila T

Jennifer & Steve W

Don & Mick W

Margaret & Mike Z

Deb & Tim Z

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